League of Legends for Windows 10


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League of Legends is a great combination of MMORPGs and strategy with a focus on the other thing. The action takes place in a fantasy world where he is full of magic and strange creatures. The player takes on the Summoner (person specializing in summoning him docile creatures). After the fight I get experience points. They are used to buy three types of skills: offensive, defensive and utility. Although the level of "przywołańca" resets after each battle, power led as increases. Judging from the other shall be held on the two maps. Each character has four domestic power `ups, of which the last is the most powerful. It should be noted that the position has fifty five Summon (authors care about the increase in the number). For beginners tutorial is intended. Graphically, the title looks decent. Although there are people complaining about the appearance. However, League of Legends is a coincidence the spot. Caution! "Download" allows you to download a program, which takes the free client. Minimum requirements: Processor: 3 GHz RAM: 1 GB Video Card: no data Free disk space: 2.5 GB Sound Card: no data